A Clash of Sci-Tans

Let me break it down for you.

This is the Weyland Corporation logo. The Weyland Corporation is the corporation that finances the exploration of the universe in the Alien and Prometheus movies. Because of Weyland, we have experienced chest-busting xenomorphs, face-hugging monsters, and Bilbo Baggins as a robot.

These are all good and valid contributions to the science fiction canon. What if I told you, however, that your favorite sci-fi universes were actually one in the same?

There is no difference between the universe of Alien, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica. That’s right. Here’s how it happened.

There was once a rich man known as Weyland. He liked spaceships and meta-narratives. Weyland began siphoning money into various space-related enterprises and eventually financed the exploration ship named Prometheus in order to explore the far reaches of the universe. The ship glided through space and several somethings happened. As I am no grand storyteller, allow the feature film similarly titled Prometheus to tell you the story of its life and times (on June 8th, 2012).

Centuries passed. Technology changed. The universe became smaller as humanity found that it could not spread too thinly into the darkness of space. There were technological reasons for this, but they do not matter. Irrelevant. As it stood, the great mass of humanity consolidated onto a planet known as Kobol. As humanity is wont to do as it gathers into one place, it eventually schism-ed into thirteen disparate colonies of homo-sapien.

Twelve of those colonies were situated in a large solar system while the thirteenth flew into the far reaches of space to found a planet called Earth. We know all about this one. It was blue and green with splotches of brown and white. People lived there. Stuff happened. The humanoids of Earth eventually drained the the planet of all of its natural resources and left the Sol system in order to find greener pastures.

A nearby solar system was chosen as the destination of the Earthly refugees, and civilization started anew. Between the efforts of the Central powers and impressive terraforming technologies, the chosen solar system became a refuge for humanity. Unfortunately, we brought most of our existential angst with us to this new system, and wars were the result. The fringe colonies and the central planets fought a war for independence, and this war became the inception of the conflict for the Firefly series.

The Browncoats fighting for independence did not have the same amount of resources that the central, money-grabbing government structure did. As a result, the Browncoats had to requisition weaponry and equipment that was considerably outdated as per their limited budget. The proof can be seen from this image below:

If you look closely, you can see the Weyland logo present in the top-middle portion of the image to the left. This image is part of the user-interface of an anti-aircraft gunnery emplacement that the courageous Malcolm Reynolds used during the tragic Battle for Serenity Valley.

The anti-air gun was a cast-off of the ancient Weyland Corporation from its days of aliens and exploration. Although the individuals who used this technology eventually lost the war, the ancient legacy of Weyland remained.
As any intrepid watcher of Firefly would know, the Firefly-class spaceship that the show was named after was an older cast-off model that was not designed for looks or particular comfort. It stands to reason, then, that Firefly-class spaceships would not be uncommon in the area of space from which they originated (Kobol).

The other twelve colonies formed a galactic government of their own, far removed from the solar system of Firefly. Remnants of technology, however, could still be shared between the two as is seen from the following image:

The spaceship shown in the adjacent image is, in fact, a Firefly-class vessel. This image was taken on the colony planet known as Caprica in the Battlestar Galactica series.

The prevalence of this classification of spaceship in the universe is further support for the success of Serenity and its exploits. While the Weyland castoffs did not make grand appearances into the BSG universe in general (there were mitigating factors like a robot revolution), the fact that they appear at all within the same universe shows a cohesion between what were previously thought to be entirely separate science fiction entities.

Thus ends the great tale of The Clash of the Sci-Tans.

Obviously, this is a severe stretching of established canon for all of the series involved. I’m having fun. 🙂

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