List of Grievances: Summer 2012

Number One: Chick-Fil-A have become a problem. Let it be said, however, that I love Chick-Fil-A — their food is delicious, their service is (generally) well-intentioned, and they appear to be a rather clean form of “fast” food. The recent controversy about the fast food chain in the news, on the other hand, has just become obnoxious.

I do not care whether you are for or against gay marriage. This does not matter when I am eating chicken. The opinion of the president of the Chick-Fil-A organization has no bearing on the product that is offered at every individual cookery of chicken. Has Chick-Fil-A (through this president) contributed money to various anti-same-sex-equality-and-whatever groups? Yes. Are these organizations comprised of horrifying activists who are planning to erode all traces of THE GAY in this country? No. They are not.

Organizations like Chick-Fil-A are composed of those who are located within every latitude of the political spectrum. It just so happens that the one man who is the titular president made a statement that was already known about the company. They aren’t open on Sunday. They play gentle Christian music while you dine in their fine establishment. They smile altogether too much. Is it really such a surprise, then, that the wizard behind the curtain does not support same sex coupling? It shouldn’t be.

All companies have presidents. All presidents (as far as we know) are people. All people have opinions and views on controversial issues. Should the entire organization of Chick-Fil-A that employs thousands of people be punished because of the viewpoint of one man? Though he made a mistake by letting his unpopular opinion be known to the public, delicious food should not be held accountable.

There are much better ways to ensure that same-sex marriage and equality are taken seriously in the more conservative parts of this country. Make noise — but make that noise matter. While protesting in the parking lots of Chick-Fil-A may feel gratifying, it will not accomplish anything but reinforce the opinions of those who stand against you. Contact your representatives, vote in elections, enact the type of change that you wish to see through democracy.

Though I stand with you, though I also wish for same-sex marriage to be completely accepted in America, leave chicken out of it.

Number Two: It is too hot outside.

Number Three: NBC is not doing a good job in its broadcasting of the Olympics. I am a self-confessed Olympian nut — I enjoy the events and I enjoy the athletic drama. I do not, however, enjoy manufactured drama. I do not enjoy personal stories about chosen athletes (who just happen to be the athletes who will likely win events). What about the others (the majority!) of athletes who do not have inspiring stories told to us every night, ad nauseum? There are some athletes, on the other hand, who are only talked about and followed until they lose out on a medal. Then they are forgotten.

This is not to mention the tape-delay that NBC enforces on the most-watched events of any given day. Because the games are taking place in London, the time difference causes problems in broadcasting. A tape-delay, therefore, makes sense! Most people cannot sit down to watch a live broadcast of gymnastics at 2:00 PM, for example.

On the other hand, there is no reason for a gymnastics event that takes a maximum of an hour to show live to last for four hours because it is bracketed within “lesser” events and pointless interviews in order to encourage lasting viewership. It smacks of desperation. Show the events as they happened — do not divide them into obnoxious bits in order to force us to watch another clip of Ryan Seacrest pretending to be a newsman. Pathetic.

Number Four: Passive-aggressive signage. This has become an increasingly large problem over the past few years. You know the ones I’m talking about — these arrogant little signs are the ones that thank you for doing something you have not done yet. McDonald’s, for example, has a sign that says: “Thank you for having your money ready at the window.” Movie theaters thank you for not using your cell phone. Various establishments thank you for not smoking.

This is rude.

Do not visit my intentions, you signs! Although I will have my money ready by the time I reach the window, although I will not use my cell phone, and although I will not smoke, I do not do it because a sign asked future-me not to — I do it because it is the right thing to do. These signs are trouble. Either make a declarative — tell me what to do — or say nothing at all. Do not presume to assume. (And since it rhymes, you know it must be true.)


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